TDA2611 Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram


Amplifiers are a crucial element in any sound system as they help to enhance the quality and boost the volume of the sound being produced. An excellent amplifier could result in tremendously clear sound, booming bass and extended frequency range. One such amplifier in the market that has been a reliable choice for decades is the TDA2611 audio power amplifier.

Circuit Diagram

of TDA2611 Audio Power Amplifier

This amplifier can be designed using a few basic components. The circuit diagram of this project is shown below.

TDA2611 Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
TDA2611 Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

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Explanation of TDA2611 Audio Power Amplifier

The TDA2611 audio power amplifier is an integrated circuit that has been specifically designed to drive an 8-ohm speaker with a maximum power output of 6 watts. The amplifier features a compact design that can be used for numerous applications including, powered speakers, car audio systems, portable audio devices and home theater subwoofers.

The circuit features a Class-AB operation which gives it the capability of delivering high-quality sound with low amounts of distortion. The power supply requirements for the TDA2611 range from 6V to 18V, making it versatile and easily adaptable to various applications. The amplifier circuit also includes features such as thermal protection and short-circuit protection which safeguard the device from being damaged by excessive heat and electrical faults.

One of the significant advantages of the audio power amplifier is its straightforward design which makes it easy to install for both novice and experienced sound engineers. The circuit only requires a few external components to work effectively; hence the amplifier’s cost is kept low. The TDA2611 also has a high signal to noise ratio and low quiescent current, which makes it an energy-efficient device ideal for battery-powered applications.


The TDA2611 audio power amplifier is an essential component for anyone looking to build a sound system from scratch or improve an existing one. Its robust and compact design makes it an ideal choice for various applications, and its ease of use makes it accessible to a wide range of users. The TDA2611’s reliable and energy-efficient performance, combined with its affordability, has made it a popular choice for sound engineers and DIY enthusiasts all around the world.

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TDA2611 Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
TDA2611 Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
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