DIY bass treble volume homemade

In the following tutorial, I am showing how to make homemade extremely powerful heavy DIY bass treble volume controllers for DIY amplifiers.

Circuit diagram

Following is the circuit diagram of DIY bass treble volume controllers.

DIY Bass Treble Volume Circuit Diagram

Development images

used in DIY bass treble volume

Stick 3 nos. of 50k potentiometers on a piece of small sheet. First connect 2.2k resistor to Pin.3 of Volume and Pin.3 of Bass Controllers.

DIY Bass Treble Volume Image1

Take 2 nos of 104 ceramic capacitors and solder one of them to pin.1 and pin.2. And the other one to pin.2 & pin.3 of bass controller.

DIY Bass Treble Volume Image2

Solder the third 104 capacitor to pin.1 of bass controller and pin.1 of treble controller. Now we will solder the fourth 104 capacitor to pin.3 of volume controller and pin.3 of treble controller.

DIY Bass Treble Volume Image3

Take small piece of connection wire and solder its one end to pin.1 of volume controller and the other end to pin.2 of treble controller.

DIY Bass Treble Volume Image4

The final result will look like the following image.


Now use a 3.5mm audio jack to provide audio signal to amplifier through this bass treble kit. Connect the brown wire which is ground, to pin.3 of volume controller and rest the two wire of left & right channel to pin.1 of bass controller.


We will connect two more pieces from this kit to amplifier. One for the output to amplifier from pin.2 of volume controller. And the other is ground from the ground. You can watch video in the very beginning of this post for more clarification where each and every step is shown visually. Thank you so much for visiting this post.


List of components

used in DIY bass treble volume

  • 104j capacitor x 4
  • 1k resistor x 1
  • 2.2k resistor x 1
  • 50k potentiometer x 3
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