2N3055 stereo amplifier homemade bluetooth diy

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I am showing how to make an extreme bass 100 watts 2N3055 stereo amplifier homemade using dual transistors. 2N3055 transistor is widely used in power amplifiers for high gain. 2N3055 is a silicon NPN power transistor intended for general purpose applications. It was introduced in the early 1960s.

Circuit diagram

Following is the circuit diagram of dual 2N3055 stereo amplifier.

2n3055 stereo amplifier homemade bluetooth diy

Following is the circuit diagram of volume bass & treble. I didnot use this circuit in this project because I used mp3 bluetooth kit instead. You can use it in place of mp3, if required.

2N3055 Stereo Amplifier Homemade Bluetooth DIY

Development images

of 2N3055 stereo amplifier homemade

Take 2 nos Heat Sink of 2N3055 individually and tighten both transistors on it with tiny nut and bolts. Remember, the metallic body of this transistor is internally connected with Collector. If you are not using MICA (insulation) then the positive current will pass through it. In this case keep the Negative wires away from the body. I brought the Base & Emitter connections in front side with the help of a piece of vero board for easy understanding for beginners. Now it is set as base-rmitter-collector from the left.

2N3055 Stereo Amplifier Image1

Connect two 680 ohms resistor to base (left) and collector (center) in both the transistors. Connect two 2200uf capacitor’s positive side to collector (center) in both transistors. Also connect two 0.33 ohms/5w resistor to collector (center) in both transistors. Join other end of both resistors together & solder it.

2N3055 Stereo Amplifier Image2

Connect negative voltage (black) ground of power supply to emitters of both the transistors together (right most pins). Connect positive current (red wire) to the center joint of both 0.33 ohms/5w resistors. Also connect two 220uf capacitor’s positive pin to the base (left) of both transistors.

2N3055 Stereo Amplifier Image3

Connecting MP3 player & output source

Following image shows the board of MP3 kit. If you don’t have the connectors with wire, you can solder wires separately. The upper two wires (black & red) are the input voltage for the board i.e. 5 volts dc. The lower three wire are audio out of left & right channels going to amplifier’s input. Left & blue are for audio while the black is ground.

2N3055 Image5

You must provide 5 volts to MP3 kit by any mobile adapter/charger. If you want to run this kit with the same 12 volts of amplifier then you will have to use 7805 regulator ic to convert 12 volts into 5 volts. In the following image, the left pin receives +12 volts from amplifier and returns +5 volts through right most pin. Connect the ground to the center pin for both sides. Now join right side red & black wires with MP3’s upper two red & black wires.

2N3055 Stereo Amplifier Image4

Now solder the two audio out wires of left & right channels. The blue wire from MP3, to the negative pin of left side 220uf capacitor and the red wire to the negative pin of right side 220uf capacitor. Also connect the red wire from left pin of 7805 regulator ic to +12 volt red wire of power supply. And black wire from center pin of 7805 regulator ic to ground of 12v power supply.

2N3055 Image6

In the last stage, connect the two speakers. Connect both speaker’s positive side to negative pins of both 4700uf capacitors and speaker’s negative will go to ground.

Now, synchronize your mobile with bluetooth and enjoy the music. Thank you so much for visiting this post.

2N3055 Image7

List of components

used in 2N3055 stereo amplifier homemade

  • 2n3055 transistor x 2
  • 2200uf capacitor x 2
  • 220uf capacitor x 2
  • 104 capacitor x 4
  • 0.33 ohms/5w resistor x 2
  • 680 ohms resistor x 2
  • 1k ohms resistor x 2
  • 2.2k ohms resistor x 2
  • MP3 player kit
  • Power supply 12v to 18v
  • Power supply 5v (for MP3 kit)

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8 comments on 2N3055 stereo amplifier homemade bluetooth diy

  1. Great amplifier using 2n3055 transistor… please tell me how much rms we get per channel??
    Can I use input directly from mobile headphones jack???

    Are transistors getting hot?? Any modifications to increase gain???

    Please please reply..

  2. Please, forgive my ignorance and the opportunity (I know that the last comment is older than a year), but I can not figure out how to look for some components. I.e.: ceramic resistors, when I look for them I got hundreds or thousands of references with different voltage and or wattage for the same resistance, should I look the pictures one by one to get the same strips and color or I must guide myself by the power or current that I am going to use?. Thank you.

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