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Tone Control Bass Treble DIY Homemade

Here I made a tone control circuit with just two 104pf capacitors and two resistors. Well, it’s actually totally doable! The basic idea is to create something called an RC filter that will help adjust the high-frequency response of your audio output. By placing a capacitor in parallel with one resistor and another capacitor in series with the second resistor, you can create two distinct stages of filtering that allow for a change in tonality when adjusted.

Tone Control Volume Circuit Heavy Bass DIY

The tone controls on sound mixers are regularly known as equalization controls. Tone Controller permits listeners to alter sound to their liking. It additionally allows them to catch up on recording deficiencies, listening to impairments, room acoustics or shortcomings with playback equipment. The circuit is built with only ceramic capacitors and resisters. The provides better […]

2N3055 stereo amplifier homemade bluetooth diy

Heavy Bass Powerful STEREO Amplifier with 2N3055 TransistorS & MP3 Bluetooth - DIY Class A Homemade

I am showing how to make an extreme bass 100 watts 2N3055 stereo amplifier homemade using dual transistors. 2N3055 transistor is widely used in power amplifiers for high gain. 2N3055 is a silicon NPN power transistor intended for general purpose applications. It was introduced in the early 1960s. Circuit diagram Following is the circuit diagram of dual 2N3055 […]

D718 B688 amplifier circuit diagrams

Given below is a d718 b688 amplifier circuit diagrams. They are with and without bass treble (tone control) used in all amplifier projects at this website. All the headings and images are clickable to watch the related project videos, or downloading the circuit diagrams. D718 B688 Powerful Amplifier DIY Homemade This is a 100 watts […]

DIY bass treble volume homemade Tone Control

DIY Bass Treble Volume Homemade Thumbnail

I am showing how to make homemade extremely powerful heavy DIY bass treble volume controllers for DIY amplifiers. This is a general purpose tone control which will work with maximum power amplifiers to control low pass and high frequencies. This tone control is designed with minimum components. All the components are easily available on any electronic parts shop.

DIY C5200 stereo amplifier with volume balance

DIY C5200 stereo amplifier with volume balance

The power amplifier works on the basic principle of converting the DC power drawn from the power supply into an ac voltage signal delivered to the load. C5200 is a silicon NPN power transistor intended for general purpose applications. In this video i am showing, how to make a DIY C5200 stereo amplifier with volume and balance controllers. C5200 transistor […]

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