DIY C5200 stereo amplifier with volume balance

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The power amplifier works on the basic principle of converting the DC power drawn from the power supply into an ac voltage signal delivered to the load. C5200 is a silicon NPN power transistor intended for general purpose applications. In this video i am showing, how to make a DIY C5200 stereo amplifier with volume and balance controllers.

C5200 transistor is widely used in power amplifiers for high gain. Following DIY C5200 stereo amplifier circuit is a class-A low efficiency amplifier and used here for education purpose. I do not recommend it for professional use as is. It can be modified after adding pre-amplifier with additional components. I demonstrated this circuit with 12 volts dc from a PC power supply of 5 amperes but you can use 12 volts to 18 volts. I used 4 ohms 80+ watts speakers which provided a greater sound.

I selected this circuit with very few components which is quite easy to assemble for beginners and students newly joined electronics. The device required an efficient heat sink. Be careful to mount the device properly. I strongly recommend to choose large enough and thick heat sink for enough heat dissipation for safety of both transistors. I have provided the components list end of the article. You can find all the components in local market very easily.

Circuit diagram

Following is the circuit diagram of dual C5200 transistors stereo amplifier

DIY C5200 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Development images

of DIY C5200 stereo amplifier

Take a large enough and thick heat sink and stick the two C5200 transistors on it with the insulation (mica). There must be no connection between transistors and the heat sink. Place 1k resistors to pin.1 (base) & pin.2 (collector) in both the transistors as shown in the following image. Connect pin.3 of both transistors together with a piece of wire.

DIY C5200 Stereo Amplifier Image1

Connect emitter pin.3, center pin.2 of bass controller and pin.3 of volume controller with a piece of wire for ground.

DIY C5200 Stereo Amplifier Image2

Take 2 nos 220uf capacitors and solder the positive side of each 220uf capacitor to pin.1 (base) of each transistors. Solder the negative side of each 220uf capacitor to pin.2 (center pin) of each side of dual volume controller.

DIY C5200 Stereo Amplifier Image3

Solder the left & right channel audio out from 3.5mm audio jack to pin.1 of each side of dual volume controller. Join each side of pin.3 of volume controller together and solder negative power supply wire on it. Attach the left & right pins (pin.1 & pin.3) of balance controller to the upper & lower pin.2 of volume controller.

DIY C5200 Stereo Amplifier Image4

Take 2 speakers and connect their both negative sides to both collector (pin.2) of both the transistors. Join the remaining positive sides of both the speakers together and attach the +12v positive wire from the power supply.

The circuit is complete now. Insert the audio jack pin to a mobile. Play music and enjoy the project. Also thank you so much for visiting the website.


List of components

used in DIY C5200 stereo amplifier

  • 2SC5200 transistor x 2
  • 220uf capacitor x 2
  • 1k resistor x 2
  • 50k pot dual pole x 1 (for volume)
  • 100k pot single pole x 1 (for balance)
  • Heat sink (large enough for heat dissipation)
  • Power supply 12v to 18v / 3 amps or more
  • Speaker 4 ohms

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