DIY LA4440 bass amplifier homemade

In this video i am showing, how to make extreme powerful DIY LA4440 Bass amplifier homemade with heavy bass, treble, volume controllers and MP3 player with bluetooth kit. You can play music with your mobile after synchronizing it with bluetooth. You also can use USB device and SD card as well.

Circuit diagram

Following is the circuit diagram of LA4440 mono amplifier of 19 watts with volume, bass and treble.

DIY LA4440 Bass Amplifier Homemade Circuit Diagram

Development images

of DIY LA4440 bass amplifier

Solder 100uf capacitor’s negative to pPin.12 of LA4440 IC & positive to pin.13 of IC. Again 100uf capacitor’s positive to pin.9 of IC & negative to pin.10 of IC. Again, another 100uf capacitor’s positive to pin.5 & negative to pin.6. Now 4.7uf capacitor’s positive to pin.7. Then again 4.7uf capacitor’s positive to pin.1. Now join Negative pins of both 4.7uf capacitor together.

DIY LA4440 Bass Amplifier Image1

Take one 680 ohms resister and connect one end to pin.3 of LA4440 IC and the other end to the joint of both 4.7uf capacitors. Connect one end of 100k resistor to pin.2 of LA4440 IC.

DIY LA4440 Bass Amplifier Image2

Now, complete the circuit of volume-bass-treble as per the following image. If you want to see the detailed information then [click here].

DIY LA4440 Bass Amplifier Image3

Now connect the power supply. positive (red) will go to pin.11 and negative (black) will go to pin.14. The two wires of speaker will be connected to pin.10 & pin.12.

DIY LA4440 Bass Amplifier Image4

Attach MP3 player kit and supply 5 volts DC to it. If you want to convert 5v from 12 volts of this amplifier, you will have to use 7805 regulator IC. For information of how to convert 12v into 5v [click here]. Now attach the output connection of MP3 kit to amplifier. Attach left & right or only one of them to pin.1 of bass controller. Ground wire will go to pin.3 of volume controller.

DIY LA4440 Bass Amplifier Image5

Use USB device, SD card or synchronize your mobile phone with bluetooth. Play music and enjoy the project. Also thank you so much for visiting the Tronicspro Website.


List of components

used in DIY LA4440 bass amplifier

  • LA4440 IC x 1
  • 100uf capacitor/25v or 35v x 3
  • 47uf capacitor/16v x 2
  • 100k resistor x 1
  • 680 ohms resistor x 1
  • 50k potentiometer x 3
  • 104pf capacitor x 4
  • 1k resistor x 1
  • 2.2k resistor x 1
  • MP3 player kit with bluetooth
  • 12 volts single power supply
  • Speakers 4 ohms.
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