PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier with Volume

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In the following video PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier, I am showing, a way to make a powerful amplifier with two mini boards with parallel connection. There is a 50k potentiometer used to control sound manually in this circuit.

The circuit is built with only a potentiometer, two amplifier boards and a heat sink which provides better and clear sound. It gives nice sound quality with heavy bass and full control over sound.

The amplifier board PAM8403 is powered with 5V and get 3W + 3W stereo audio system. It’s a outstanding preference for everybody who needs a Class-D stereo audio amplifier in a small board space. This amplifier allows the consumer to acquire great audio duplicate from a stereo enter. In addition, it has a unique characteristic which could pressure audio system at once from its output.

Circuit Diagram

Below is the Circuit Diagram of PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier. It uses minimum components and its ideal for beginners and learners.

If you want to download the circuit diagram, just click on the image and then click the download button. to download the circuit diagram into your computer for future use.

PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Development images

of PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier

Following image shows a pair of PAM8403 Amplifier Board which will be used in this project. A single board is a stereo amplifier with 3 watts per channel of output. I am using here two boards in parallel.


Take a card board and fix the two amplifier boards on it. I have fixed them on a solid heat sink which is not required here.


Following image shows the parallel connections of power supply and audio input connections with small pieces of wire.


In the following image, we solder left speaker connections with left speaker connections and right to right with small pieces of wire.

PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier Image-4

Take a 50k of 2-pole potentiometer and join pin-3 to pin-3 together which will be used as ground.


I have used a Mobile Audio Jack in this project, as shown in the following image.


Connect all three wires to 50k pot as per below image.





PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier Image-9


PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier Image-10


PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier Image-11


PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier Image-12


PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier Image-13

List of Components

used in PAM8403 Powerful Stereo Amplifier

  • PAM8403 Amplifier Board x 2
  • 50k Potentiometer Single Pole x 1
  • Heat Sink x 1
  • 18650 Lithium Li-on Cell x 2
  • Mobile Jack

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