D718 B688 amplifier circuit diagrams

Given below is a d718 b688 amplifier circuit diagrams. They are with and without bass treble (tone control) used in all amplifier projects at this website. All the headings and images are clickable to watch the related project videos, or downloading the circuit diagrams.

D718 B688 Powerful Amplifier DIY Homemade

This is a 100 watts mono class-AB powerful amplifier circuit diagram and it uses d718 b688 & 2n3904 transistors. Combination of d718 and b688 powerful amplifier is widely used for high gain. You must use transistor insulation (Mica) to prevent touching heat sink to avoid short circuit because both transistors are using opposite current.

I have chosen this circuit with very few components because it is quite easy to assemble for electronics beginners and students. I strongly recommend to choose large enough and thick heat sink for enough heat dissipation for safety of both transistors. If you want to see the components list, just click the title to reach the actual post with video. Where you will find the components list at the end of this article which is easy to find in the local market.

D718 B688 amplifier circuit Diagram

DIY homemade D718 amplifier ultra bass

Make a powerful diy homemade amplifier using four d718 transistors. This is a class-A amplifier with low efficiency. I am just demonstrating it for educational purpose. Design of the following circuit diagram is with minimum components for beginners or students. I do not recommend it for professional use without modification or addition of preamplifier.

D718 amplifier circuit diagram

More Circuit Layouts

DIY D718 D882 amplifier homemade

Dual transistors amplifier circuit diagram with d718 and d882 transistors. The circuit uses minimum components so that the beginners can build it easily. The volume control (potentiometer) very well work in its full range. The transistor heats up on 12 volts power supply. So you must use a large and heavy heat sink for proper heat dissipation of the transistor. Otherwise transistor will not survive and will burn on long time run. Use well filtered power supply for clear sound so I personally recommend that you use 6800uf / 50 volts capacitor.

D718 D882 amplifier circuit diagram

D718 amplifier heavy bass controller

This is a single transistor low efficiency circuit diagram of single d718 with heavy bass controller. I used here a 50k pot with a pair of 104J capacitors as low pass filter so that it subtract the high frequency. I used here 12v/5 amps PC power supply. You can increase the voltage upto 18v for more output. But be sure to use a large heat sink for proper heat dissipation. Also use a 4 ohms speaker for getting good results. I used here very few components which will help beginners and students to assemble it easily. This is a very low efficiency amplifier and provided for educational purpose so I don’t recommend it for professional use without preamplifier.

D718 amplifier circuit diagram

DIY D718 stereo amplifier homemade

Powerful bass audio stereo amplifier circuit diagram using two D718 transistors. This is a class A low efficiency amplifier for beginners/students. A 50k dual potentiometer will be used which is not shown in the circuit so that we can control left & right input signals.

D718 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Diagram
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  1. Are you sure schematics 3 and 4 are correct? In both schemes the output transistor has the collector connected to +B and the emitter to GND.
    What about the load?

    1. Yes, you can click the header to watch its article and the video live. Thanks for visiting and comments.

  2. Mạch số 5. Dùng 1 con d718 cho 1 đầu ra. Nguồn điện 12 v
    Vậy công xuất 1 loa là bao nhiêu?
    Và nếu dùng để làm loa hát thì có ổn không

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