C5200 A1943 Stereo Amplifier DIY Homemade

In the following video I showed, how to make a powerful C5200 A1943 Stereo Amplifier with heavy bass, treble and volume controllers. The high quality circuit uses minimum components with a low cost and ideal for beginners.

Circuit Diagram

This is the circuit diagram of C5200 & A1943 Stereo Amplifier including bass, treble and volume controllers. Click on the image to open it in a light box then click the “Download” button to download the circuit diagram into your disk.

C5200 A1943 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Development Images

Following is the image of front side view of PCB extracted from gerber file. You can re-print the file or you can order it from JLCPCB for your own project. I have already provided a clickable link of gerber file end of the article in the list of components section.

C5200 A1943 Stereo Amplifier PCB Front

Rear view of PCB of this project.

C5200 A1943 Stereo Amplifier PCB Rear

This PCB image contains all text layer.

PCB Layout

This PCB is designed in 3 layers. You can see both upper and bottom layers at a glance in the following print.

PCB Schematic

JLCPCB company has delivered this package box via DHL shipment where I received 5 nos of PCB in just $2 and received within a week time.


In the following image, I soldered all components without 4 transistors and 2 large capacitors.

PCB half solder

On this stage I have soldered all parts.

PCB full solder

List of components

used in C5200 A1943 Stereo Amplifier

  • 2SC5200 transistor x 2
  • 2SA1943 transistor x 2
  • 2SC2383 transistor x 2
  • 1N4148 diode x 4
  • 4700uf capacitor x 2
  • 220uf capacitor x 2
  • 104 capacitor x 8
  • 680 ohms / 1 watt resistor x 2
  • 100k ohms resistor x 2
  • 1k ohms resistor x 6
  • 2.2k ohms resistor x 4
  • 50k dual potentiometer x 3
  • PCB x 1
  • Heatsink x 1
  • Power supply single 12v
  • Speaker 4 ohms
  • Download Gerber File
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