LA4440 bass amplifier DIY stereo homemade

I choose this, a simple stereo amplifier circuit diagram of 19 x 19 watts using dual LA4440 IC from Sanyo company. It uses minimum components to complete the circuit. Its a low cost and a high quality circuit and ideal for beginners. The IC has built-in protection of short circuit, thermal and over voltage.

Demonstrating here, how to make extreme powerful stereo LA4440 bass amplifier DIY. This circuit is assembled on a high quality of PCB which was ordered from JLCPCB.

Circuit diagram

Given below is the circuit diagram of dual LA4440 bass stereo amplifier with volume, bass and treble controllers.

LA4440 Bass Amplifier DIY Circuit Diagram

Print circuit boards (PCB)

for LA4440 bass amplifier DIY

Following is a front side view of PCB image taken from gerber file. You can re-print the file or you can order it from JLCPCB for your own project. I have already provided a clickable link of gerber file end of the article in list of components section.

LA4440 Bass Amplifier DIY pcb front

Rear view of PCB of this project.

LA4440 Bass Amplifier DIY pcb back

This PCB is designed in 3 layers. You can see both upper and bottom layers at a glance in the following print.

LA4440 Bass Amplifier DIY pcb transparent

JLCPCB company has delivered this package box via DHL shipment where I received 5 nos of PCB in just $2 and received within a week time.

pcb box

In the following image, I soldered all components without 4 transistors and 2 large capacitors.


On this stage I have soldered all parts.


List of components

used in LA4440 bass amplifier DIY

  • LA4440 ic x 2
  • Capacitor 2200uf x 2
  • Capacitor 470uf x 4
  • Capacitor 47uf x 4
  • Capacitor 100uf x 2
  • Capacitor 1uf x 2
  • Capacitor 104J x 8
  • Resistor 220 ohms x 2
  • Resistor 1k x 4
  • Resistor 2.2k x 4
  • Dual potentiometer 50k x 3
  • 2 Pin terminal blockr x 3
  • 3 Pin terminal block x 1
  • Heat sink x 1
  • PCB x 1
  • Power supply 12 volts dc
  • Speaker 4 ohms
  • Download gerber file here

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