Convert CFL amplifier DIY homemade

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In this video i am showing, how to convert a CFL bulb into a powerful rechargeable audio amplifier DIY using two 13003 transistors. The main observing feature is, that I used all available components of CFL without removing them at all with few changes in the circuit.
I used some external parts which are optional. These are used to make up for beautiful look i.e. LEDs, On/Off switch & power socket for recharging. I hope you will enjoy this project.

Circuit diagram

used in Convert CFL amplifier DIY

Following is the circuit diagram of dual 13003 transistors amplifier.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Circuit Diagram

Development images

of convert cfl amplifier diy

Take any compact fluorescent bulb from scrap. It took 25 watts bulb and remove its circuit board.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image1

If it look the same as shown, then remove all its parts except two transistors, 2 capacitors of 15uf, one 3.3k resister and a coil.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image2

Cut down the connection of circuit board for the capacitors.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image3

Join the two 15uf capacitors in parallel with a piece of wire as I did with a red wire. Negative points of these capacitors are already joined in the circuit. Also connect this positive point of capacitors to the base of of one transistor.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image4

Following Main coil contain 3 coils of 3 turns each. I connected them in series and made 12 turns of coil.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image5

The black wire shown in the following image is connecting the emitter of one transistor to the base of the second transistor. On the drawing sheet I am also showing, how I connected the 3 coils in series.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image6

Preparing the assembly

Disconnect the four connections of the tube and emove it from its base.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image7

Make hole in the base to make enough room to place 3.7v lithium battery cell.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image8

Fix On/Off switch, a charging socket and two red & white LEDs on the housing of the bulb. The red led will glow when charging and the white will glow when you will turn on the power for amplifier from the On/Off switch.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image9

I connected red LED with 150 ohms resistor in series at the plus & minus points of the charging socket. Resister will be connected to plus point and LED’s negative will go to negative point of charging socket. The plus point will send current to the battery’s positive through a diode. The positive side of the diode will face to the battery’s positive.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image10

I used here a charge protection module from a scrap 3.7v lithium battery of mobile phone. For detail, how to get & remove this free charge protection module [click here]. Connect four piece of wires in its in & out points and connect to the battery.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image11

Place the cell in the housing and stick it by the glue gun.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image12

After placing the cell in the housing it will look like this.

CFL Amplifier DIY  Image13

Connect the speaker wires now. Black negative will go to the collector center pin of left transistor while the red positive will go to the collector of the right transistor. Also I connected the wires from audio jack pin. The positive two wires will go the negative of the two 15uf capacitor while the ground will go to ground.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image14

Assembling the housing

Connect one piece of red wire from On/Off switch to the collector of right transistor and black wire from battery’s negative to ground.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image15

Connect battery’s positive to the diode’s positive.

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Image16

Test the circuit well before assembling all parts of the bulb housing.

CFL Amplifier DIY Image17

Assemble the bulb housing gently in its proper position.

CFL Amplifier DIY Image18

Stick the speaker at the top surface of the housing with glue gun.

CFL Amplifier DIY Image19

Insert the audio jack to the mobile. Play music and enjoy the project. And also thank you so much for watching video and visiting the website.

CFL Amplifier DIY Image20

List of components

used in convert CFL amplifier DIY

  • 13003 transistor x 2
  • 3.3k resister x 1
  • 47uf capacitor x 1
  • LED Red x 1
  • LED White x 1
  • ON/OFF Switch 12v x 1
  • Charging Socket x 1
  • Used/Damaged CFL x 1
  • CFL Holder Base x 1

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