C5200 A1943 amplifier DIY homemade

Here I will show you, how to make a powerful amplifier using C5200 and A1943 transistors. I used 3 nos C5200 NPN and A193 PNP transistors each which I will connect each other in parallel. Combination of C5200 & A1943 amplifier is widely used for high gain.

Volume, bass and treble controllers are also attached for more control on sound frequency. MP3 player kit is also attached which allows users to use USB device, memory card and their mobile. I demonstrated the circuit with 12 volts DC from a PC power supply of 5 amperes but you can use 12 volts to 18 volts DC. I used 4 ohms 120 watts speakers which provided a greater sound.

Circuit diagram

used in C5200 A1943 amplifier

Following circuit diagram contains powerful C5200 A1943 amplifier and volume bass treble controllers.

2sc5200 2sa1943 amplifier circuit diagram

Development images

used in C5200 A1943 amplifier

First, take a large Heat sink where 6 transistors could easily be placed. First fix 3 transistors 2SC5200 left side then 3 transistors 2SA1943 right side. You must use (MICA) for proper insulation. The base plate should not touch with the heat sink as the both transistors have opposite polarity and will cause short circuit..


Now join 2 diodes 1N4148 minus end with plus end. Now, one minus end solder with pin.1 (base) of 2SA1943 (right group). And the other plus end solder with pin.1 (base) of 2SC5200 (left group). Connect collector of 2SC2383 to the center joint of 1N4148. Then solder 100k resistor from collector to base of 2SC2383. Connect emitter of 2SC2383 to ground which at collector of 2SA1943. Solder one end of 1k resistor to the base of 2SC2383 and the other end to 220uf positive side. Now, solder the last resistor between base-collector of 2SC5200.

C5200 A1943 Amplifier Image1

Join both groups of 2SC5200 & 2SA1943 in parallel separately and only join emitters of both groups together.

C5200 A1943 Amplifier Image2

Prepare volume, bass and treble connections as per the following image. For more detail of this project click here.

C5200 A1943 Amplifier Image3

Connecting input & output sources.

Take one black piece of connection wire. Join one end to pin.3 of volume control and the other end to any collector of 2SA1943 for ground. Connect one more wire of any color from center pin of volume control to the negative side of 220uf capacitor for audio-in of amplifier.

C5200 A1943 Amplifier Image4

Solder power socket ground (black) wire to any collector of 2SA1943. And positive (red) wire to any collector of 2SC5200.

C5200 A1943 Amplifier Image5

Connect the audio out connection positive of mp3 kit to pin.1 of bass controller and negative (black) to ground. Also provide 5 volts power supply to MP3 kit from any mobile charger or convert voltage from amplifier 12v to 5v through 7805 transistor.


Take one 4700uf capacitor and solder its positive end to emitter (pin.3) of any 2SA1943 transistors. And the other negative end will be connected to speaker’s socket. The other speaker’s black socket will be grounded.


One On/Off switch can be placed in between the positive supply in series which is optional. Plug-in the power supply, connect mobile with bluetooth and enjoy the music. Thank you so much for visiting this post.


List of components

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  1. I’ve seen the amp building process well.
    Very nice!
    Can you get the following parts?
    This is South Korea.
    Thank you.

    List of components
    ◾2SC5200 transistor x 3
    ◾2SA1943 transistor x 3
    ◾2SC2383 transistor x 1
    ◾1N4148 diode x 2
    ◾4700uf capacitor x 1
    ◾220uf capacitor x 1
    ◾104 capacitor x 4
    ◾680 ohms / 1 watt resistor x 1
    ◾100k ohms resistor x 1
    ◾1k ohms resistor x 3
    ◾2.2k ohms resistor x 2
    ◾50k potentiometer x 3
    ◾MP3 bluetooth kit x 1

    How much amperage does the current in the power transformer use?

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