DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Homemade Ultra Bass

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In this video DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier, i’m showing, a way to make an extremely powerful ultra bass class-A effective amplifier where three separate output capacitor 3300uf from each transistor, providing output to speaker. This is a very simple and easy circuit diagram class A amplifier for beginners and students who love bass sound.

I proven the circuit with 12 volts dc power supply. However you may use 12 volts to 24 volts dc. I used four ohms 35 watts audio speakers which furnished more sound.

Circuit Diagram

used in DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier

Following is the Circuit Diagram of DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier without volume controller which can easily be connected in the audio input section. The circuit gives nice sound quality with heavy bass. It uses minimum components and its ideal for beginners and learners. Click on the image to open it in a light box then click the “Download” button to download the circuit diagram into your computer for future use.

DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Homemade Circuit Diagram

Development images

of DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier

Take three pieces of C5200 NPN transistors and place side by side on a solid large heat sink with mica (rubber insulation). Well tighten them with screws.


Now connect their collector with collector and emitter with emitter with the pieces of wire. Like this way all of them will be connected in parallel through collector and emitter.

DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Image-2

Take three electrolytic capacitors of 3300uf and solder their positive sides to all pin-1 base of C5200 transistors individually.

DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Image-3

At this moment join and solder negative sides of all three 3300uf capacitors together to make one connection as shown in the below image.

DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Image-4

Now take three pieces of 1k resisters and join between base to collector of each C5200 transistors individually.


External connections

Connect the external connections as per the following images and take help of circuit diagram provided, if needed.

DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Image-6




DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Image-8






DIY Powerful 2SC5200 Amplifier Image-11

List of Components

  • 2SC5200 Transistor x 3
  • 3300uf / 50v Capacitor x 3
  • 1k Ohms Resistor x 3
  • Heat Sink x 1
  • Power Supply 12v to 24v
  • Speakers 4 Ohms

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