C5200 bass amplifier DIY homemade

In this video i am showing, how to make a single transistor low wattage C5200 bass amplifier DIY This is a class-A low efficiency amplifier for education purpose. The amplifier is designed with minimum components for beginners and students. I personally don’t recommend it for professional use without modification and addition of pre-amp.

C5200 bass amplifier DIY homemade
C5200 bass amplifier DIY homemade

Circuit diagram

of C5200 bass amplifier DIY

Following is the schematic of single C5200 NPN transistor amplifier. The circuit is a class-A amplifier with very low efficiency. It will provide low wattage on 12 volts power supply. The circuit contains no pre-amplifier and the volume controller doesn’t control sound in its full range. But its good to learn for beginners and students with minimum components. I used here two 104 ceramic capacitors with potentiometer which will act as low pass filter. Click on the image if you want to download the circuit diagram.

C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY circuit diagram

More Circuit Layouts

Development images

used in C5200 bass amplifier DIY

Installing components:

Stick the transistor 2SC5200 with the heat sink without any insulation and tighten well with screw. Note that the collector pin is internally connected with the back plate of transistor which is touching the heat sink directly. And that is why any connection you make on collector, you can make onto the heat sink as well. Place a 100k potentiometer onto the heat sink. Connect pin.3 emitter GND of 2SC5200 to the left most pin.1 of potentiometer with a piece of wire. Join a 1k resister to pin.1 bass and pin.2 collector.

C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY Image1

Soldering components:

Take one 220uf/50v capacitor and connect its positive end to pin.1 base of 2SC5200 transistor and the negative side to the center pin.2 of potentiometer for audio input from input source.

C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY Image2

Take two 104J or 100nf capacitors and solder the two legs of one of them to pin.1 and pin.2 of potentiometer. And solder the two leg of capacitor to pin.2 and pin.3 of potentiometer.

C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY Image3

Join the ground wire of 3.5mm audio mobile jack to left most pin.1 GND of potentiometer and rest of two wires for left & channel to right most pin.3 of potentiometer. From here you will provide audio source from mobile or computer etc.

C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY Image4

Solder the negative black wire of power supply to right most pin.3 emitter of 2SC5200 NPN transistor. Also solder a red piece of wire for positive voltage, to the heat sink or to the pin.2 center collector of the 2SC5200 NPN transistor because both are connected together internally through the heat sink.

C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY Image5

Now join the positive +12v wire to plus side of the speaker and the red wire from heat sink to the minus side of the speaker. Like this way the positive supply will pass through the speaker coil and will reach to the collector of transistor through the heat sink.

C5200 Amplifier 6

Testing project:

Now its time to insert the audio jack into the mobile. Play the music and enjoy the project. I personally thankful to you for watching video and visiting this post of my website. Good luck.

C5200 Amplifier 7

List of components

used in C5200 bass amplifier DIY

  • 2SC5200 transistor x 1
  • 220uf capacitor x 1
  • 104j capacitor x 2
  • 1k resistor x 1
  • 100k potentiometer x 1
  • Heat sink
  • Power supply 12 volts
  • Speaker 4 Ohms

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