13003 amplifier DIY homemade dual transistor

In this video i am showing, how to make a 13003 amplifier DIY homemade using two 13003 transistors from an old and damaged CFL bulb. I demonstrated it with 3.7 volts 18650 lithium cell. You can increase the voltage to get more power. I used here two 5 inch 4 ohms speakers which is providing enough sound for my room.

13003 amplifier DIY homemade
13003 amplifier DIY homemade

Circuit diagram

Following is the circuit diagram of dual 13003 transistors amplifier. These transistors can easily be found from any scrap 25 watts CFL bulb. All the CFL bulbs are having two of them. This circuit is designed with very few and minimum components. And its very easy to build for beginners and students newly entered in electronics field. It doesn’t require any professional experience to build it and any one can make it at home very easily.

13003 Amplifier DIY Homemade Circuit Diagram

List of components

used in 13003 amplifier DIY homemade

  • 13003 transistor x 3
  • 47uf capacitor x 1
  • 3.3k resister x 1
  • 3.5mm audio jack x 1
  • 3.7v lithium cell x 1
  • Speaker 4 ohms

More Circuit Layouts

Development images

of 13003 amplifier DIY homemade

Removing transistors:

Take any 25 watts damaged CFL from scrap and open its bass. You will see a pair of 13003 transistors on the board. We will take out both of them from the board and will use them in out amplifier project. Open the bulb compartment with sharp edged flat screw driver or cut around with hacksaw blade. Remove the cap and cut all wire coming from main supply and the tube and separate the components board. You will se two 13003 transistors, one each side. Gently remove both of them from a soldering iron and use it.

13003 amplifier diy homemade Image1

These are the two 13003A NPN transistors which I removed from the board of an old and damaged CFL.

13003 amplifier diy homemade Image2

Soldering components:

Hold one of them on clip and join / solder the left pin (base) of one transistor to the pin.3 (emitter) of the other transistor.

13003 amplifier diy homemade Image3

Solder one side of 3.3k resistor to the base pin.1 and the other end solder to collector pin.2 of the left transistor.

13003 amplifier diy homemade Image4

Also solder the positive side of 47uf electrolytic capacitor to the base pin.1 of the left transistor.

13003 amplifier diy homemade Image5

Use 3.5mm audio jack and solder its left & right channel output wires to emitter pin.3 of the right transistor. And solder the ground wire of 3.5mm audio jack to the negative side of 47uf capacitor.

cfl 13003 amplifier 6

Take a 4 ohms speaker and solder its one wire to the collector pin.2 of left transistor. And also solder its second wire the the collector pin.2 of right transistor.

cfl 13003 amplifier 7

Take 3.7v lithium battery and connect its negative end to the emitter pin.3 of right transistor. And connect its positive end to the collect pin.2 of the left transistor. You also can place an On/Off switch in series in between battery positive and pin.2 of left transistor for disconnecting the power supply of this amplifier.

cfl 13003 amplifier 8

Testing project:

Now insert the 3.5mm audio jack into your mobile phone. Play music and enjoy the project. Also thank you so much for watching video and visiting the site. Please share it with your friends. Thanks.

cfl 13003 amplifier 9

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