D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier with Bass Volume

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Following is the D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier Class-A. This circuit diagram with extent bass volume utilized in nearly all amplifier initiatives at this site. All the headings and photos are clickable to look at the associated mission motion pictures or downloading the circuit diagrams.

Take a be aware which you need to use aluminium heatsink with a fan (if posible) to save you over heating at the transistors. These circuits require symmetrical/twin and unmarried polarity strength deliver. The capacitors of strength deliver kind is electrolytic capacitor.

Circuit diagram

used in D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier

Following is the circuit diagram of D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier with bass volume. This circuit diagram uses minimum components and its very easy to assemble for beginners and students.

D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Development images

used in D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier

Take of D718 NPN transistor and fix / tighten it on a solid large heat sink with screw. Now solder one piece of 1k resister to left pin-1 base and pin-2 collector.


Take one 2200uf electrolytic capacitor and solder its positive + side to pin-2 collector.


Fix one piece of 50k potentiometer on heat sink. Take one piece of 220uf capacitor and solder its positive side to pin-1 base and other negative side to center pin of the potentiometer. ( NOTE: Wrong polarity of this capacitor is shown in circuit diagram. Please reverse it.)

D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier Image-3

Now take two pieces of 0.1uf ceramic capacitors and join them together, as shown in the following image.


Solder the other two legs of ceramic capacitors to pin-1 and pin-3 of potentiometer. Take a piece of wire and connect one of its end to pin-3 to emitter of D718 transistor. And the other end to pin-3 of potentiometer.

D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier Image-5

Connect and solder the L&R wires of mobile jack with pin-1 of potentiometer for audio input.


Solder the third ground wire of audio jack with pin-3 of potentiometer.

D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier Image-7

Now solder the red positive wire of 12v DC power supply to pin-2 collector and black negative to pin-3 of D718 transistor.


For the speaker connections, negative wire will be soldered to pin-3 emitter of the transistor and positive will be soldered with negative side of 2200uf capacitor.


Following image shows the complete connections of the circuit.

D718 Powerful Mono Amplifier Image-10

Connect the speaker and mobile and enjoy the music with nice bass.

D718 Powerful Mono AmplifierImage-11

List of components

  • D718 transistor x 1
  • 2200uf / 63v capacitor x 1
  • 220uf / 16v-35v capacitor x 1
  • 1k resister x 1
  • 104J ceramic capacitor x 2
  • 12 volts single power supply
  • 12 dc socket
  • Audio input jack
  • Speakers 4 ohms.

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