C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY Homemade with Volume

In this video, i am showing, how to make a powerful C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY with BD139 & BD140 transistors.

The Peavey C5200 is the ultimate amplifier for sound lovers who want to drive their sound system to the max. It offers a powerful 800 watts per channel in its 2U form factor and an impressive 10-band graphic equalizer that allows you to tweak your sound precisely. It features both XLR and ΒΌ” TRS input connections as well as Speakon outputs and an additional subwoofer output. This reliable power amp has all the features necessary to provide events with amazing audio quality. With its high-headroom design, it can handle demanding situations with ease while delivering great results.

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The C5200 Bass Amp DIY is ideal for experienced builders who want to create their ultimate bass tone. Featuring a powerful 100W power amp, this high-tech system lets you build your amplifier from scratch and customize its settings to tailor your desired sound. The kit comes with all necessary components like transformers, switches, and pots so that you can assemble the amp according to your specifications. You’ll also find plenty of resources available if you need help along the way or want advice on tweaking the design further. With a little creative thought, anyone can make their perfect rig with the C5200 DIY kit!

Circuit diagram

used in C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY

Following is the circuit diagram of the C5200 Heavy bass Amplifier with volume, This circuit diagram uses minimum components and it’s very easy to assemble for beginners and students.

C5200 Powerful Bass Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Development images

used in C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY

First, take a large Heat sink where 4 transistors could easily be placed. First, fix 2 transistors 2SC5200 left and right sides then place 2 transistors BD139 & BD140 in the center. You must use (MICA) for proper insulation. The base plate should not touch with the heat sink as both transistors have opposite polarities and will cause a short circuit.


DIY Homemade C5200 BD139 BD140 Amplifier


DIY Homemade C5200 BD139 BD140 Amplifier 2


DIY Homemade C5200 BD139 BD140 Amplifier 3


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 6


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 9


DIY Homemade C5200 BD139 BD140 Amplifier 10


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 11


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 13


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 15


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 16


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 17


DIY Homemade C5200 BD139 BD140 Amplifier 19


C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY 22


C5200 Amplifier DIY 24


C5200 Amplifier DIY 27


C5200 Amplifier DIY 31

List of components

used in C5200 Bass Amplifier DIY

  • 2SC5200 transistor x 2
  • BD139 transistor x 2
  • BD140 transistor x 1
  • 1N4007 diode x 2
  • 4700uf capacitor x 1
  • 3.3uf capacitor x 1
  • 1k ohms resistor x 1
  • 100~120k ohms resistor x 1
  • 50k potentiometer x 1
  • 12 Volts Power supply
  • speaker 4 ohms
  • Terminal Blocks x 3

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