LA4440 stereo bass amplifier powerful homemade

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In this video i’m showing, a way to make severe effective LA4440 stereo bass amplifier powerful DIY homemade without volume controller. This is dual channel stereo amplifier but its giving four channels output. Each channel is converted into dual output through separate capacitors. You can use four speakers at a time to enjoy music from all around.

Circuit diagram

Following is the circuit diagram of LA4440 stereo bass amplifier DIY homemade. This circuit diagram makes use of minimal additives and its very smooth to collect for novices and students.

LA4440 stereo bass amplifier circuit diagram

Development images

of LA4440 stereo bass amplifier

First you tighten LA4440 ic onto a solid heat sink with screws. Then connect & solder pins 3, 8 & 14 with a naked wire. Take a 220uf/16v capacitor and solder its positive side to pin-5 & negative side to pin-3.


Take one capacitor of 100uf/25v. Solder its positive side to pin-1 of la4440 ic.


Take a second 100uf/25v capacitor and solder its positive side to pin-7.


Now join and solder the negative sides of both 100uf/25v capacitors together with a naked wire.


Now take a third 100uf/25v capacitor. Connec/solder its negative side to pin-9 and its positive side to pin-10 respectively.


Now take the last 4th 100uf/25v capacitor. Connect/solder its negative side to pin-12 and positive side to pin-13.

LA4440 stereo bass amplifier Image6

Now join the 1st & 2nd capacitor’s negatives who were previously joined together to pin-7 of la4440 ic.


Output stage:

Now take 4 1000uf/25v capacitors. Join their positives of each set together as shown in the following image.


Connect/solder one set of 1000uf/25v positives to pin-10 of ic.


Solder the other set of 1000uf/25v psotives to pin-12 of ic.

LA4440 stereo bass amplifier Image10

Connect the positive red wire of 12 volts power supply to pin-11. And the black wire to pin-8 of ic.


Take 2 sets of 4 wires. One of them will be soldered all together according to the following image.


Solder one set 4 wires together to pin-14.


Other set of 4 wires, solder them to 4 1000uf/25v negative pins.

LA4440 stereo bass amplifier Image14

Connect each wire of two sets of wires with 4 speakers as shown in the following image.


Now take input audio jack which have three wires. Left will be soldered with pin-2 of ic. Right will be soldered with pin-6 of ic.


And finally the common wire of audio input jack will be soldered with the ground pin-3 of ic.

LA4440 stereo bass amplifier Image17

Entire setup is clearly shown in the following image.

LA4440 stereo bass amplifier Image18

List of components

used in LA4440 stereo bass amplifier

  • LA4440 IC x 1
  • 100uf capacitor/25v or 35v x 4
  • 220uf capacitor/16v x 1
  • 1000uf capacitor/25v or 35v x 4
  • Audio Jack for audio input.
  • 12v dc female jack for power supply.
  • 12 volts single power supply.
  • Speakers 4 ohms. x 4

Thank you for visiting the article. Please proportion it together along with your pals and experience the project. Thank you.

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