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D718 B688 Bass Amplifier DIY Homemade

Following is the circuit of D718 B688 Bass Amplifier. This circuit diagram uses 4 nos of D718 NPN transistors and 4 nos of B688 PNP transistors with very few components. All the images shown here are clickable to look at the associated mission motion pictures or downloading the circuit diagrams. Take a be aware which […]

TDA2030 Powerful Bass Amplifier DIY Homemade

tda2030 powerful bass amplifier thumbnail

Following is the TDA2030 Powerful Bass Amplifier circuit. The TDA2030 is a monolithic integrated circuit in the Pentawatt® package, intended for use as a low frequency class-AB amplifier. Typically it provides 14 W output power at 14 Volts/4 ohms. Four TDA2030 ics are used in parallel in the following circuit and 12v-0v-12v dual power supply […]

LA4440 stereo bass amplifier powerful homemade

la4440 stereo bass amplifier thumbnail

Description: In this video i’m showing, a way to make severe effective LA4440 stereo bass amplifier powerful DIY homemade without volume controller. This is dual channel stereo amplifier but its giving four channels output. Each channel is converted into dual output through separate capacitors. You can use four speakers at a time to enjoy music […]