Crystal Oscillator Low-power Circuit


A crystal oscillator low-power circuit is an important component of any electronic device, from timers to radios. It works by using two capacitors, a resistor, and a quartz crystal to create an oscillating signal. This signal allows for precise timing of events in your device, such as switching on and off at specific times or keeping an exact tempo when playing music. Without the accuracy provided by these circuits, most electronics would be unable to operate properly. The fact that they can be powered with low-voltage electricity also makes them ideal for portable devices or others with limited power sources. They are quite simple to build yourself if you have the right materials and know-how or you can buy ready-made ones online.

Circuit Diagram

of Crystal Oscillator Low-power Circuit

Crystal Oscillator Low-power Circuit

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Working Explanation

of Crystal Oscillator Low-power Circuit

The Type HA7210 IC from Harris Semiconductor is a complete integrated low-power crystal oscillator that can be programmed externally to generate output frequencies between 10 kHz and 10 MHz.

The oscillator is a pierce kind this is organized to attract as small a contemporary as feasible. Only a decoupling capacitor, a crystal, and frequency-determining components are required externally.

The circuit is highly solid over an extensive range of supply voltages and an extensive temperature variety.

The application shown in the diagram is a basic circuit suitable for frequencies between 10 kHz and 10 MHz. The position of jumpers JP₁ and JP2 depends on the chosen crystal frequency. In the table, a '1' indicates that the jumper is left open, and a '0' that the jumper must be placed.

The crystal must be cut for parallel resonance. Within the present software, the load capacitance is 7.5 pf for the bottom range and a pair of. Five pf for the alternative ranges. If this does not suffice for the applicable crystal, ceramic capacitors of twice the price of the desired load capacitance must be located between pin 2 and earth And between pin 3 and earth.

The oscillator draws a current of 0.5 mA in the bottom range and 7 mA at 10 MHz.

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A crystal oscillator is an incredibly useful piece of electronic surveillance equipment that can be used in a variety of applications, such as clocks and timers, radio transmitters and receivers, telecommunication systems, and computers. Its accuracy is unmatched due to its use of quartz crystals whose frequencies can be accurately tuned to a specific resonance frequency. Although they are generally more expensive than other types of oscillators due to the quartz crystals required for their operation, the precision afforded by this component makes it essential in many time-sensitive applications where accurate timing is paramount. Crystal oscillators are a remarkable example of technology working together with nature for the benefit of mankind.

Crystal Oscillator Low-power Circuit
Crystal Oscillator Low-power Circuit
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