IR Sensor Monitor Circuit Diagram ( Infrared )


The IR Sensor Monitor Circuit diagram illustrates a sensor/monitor that activates the host system upon detecting IR signals. It is designed to use a minimal amount of supply current, making it suitable for continuous usage in devices such as laptops and PDAs.

The circuit has a wide range of applications, including in the field of engineering, robotics, and automation systems. The use of IR sensors in this circuit makes it a highly reliable and accurate device that can accurately detect the presence or absence of any object or radiation source.

Circuit Diagram of IR Sensor Monitor Circuit

This IR Sensor Monitor can be designed using a few basic components. The circuit diagram of this project is shown below.

IR Sensor Monitor Circuit Diagram
IR Sensor Monitor Circuit Diagram

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Working Explanation of IR Sensor Monitor Circuit

The IC1 is responsible for its ultra-low current drain of 4μA maximum and 2.5μA typical. This circuit is geared towards non-carrier systems for IrDA applications, and it can also work with carrier protocols like those of TV remote controllers and Newton/Sharp ASK. Its range varies depending on the baud rate, with a 115,000-baud IrDA range limited to 15 cm and the 2400-baud IrDA range expanding up to 30 cm.

The sensor is highly resistant to ambient light, with the exception of bright flashes, which may cause false triggers. The system works by looking for IR signals after being activated before returning to sleep mode if none are detected. D1, the large-area photo-diode packaged in an IR-filter material, typically produces 60 μA with heavy illumination and 400 mV when open-circuited.

The sensor operates in photovoltaic mode without any applied bias, which simplifies the circuit and saves power. Although this mode is slow, speed is not crucial in this context. In a more traditional configuration like the photo-conductive mode, the quiescent current would increase ten-fold due to photo current caused by ambient light and sources by the bias network.

Conclusion of IR Sensor Monitor Circuit

The IR Sensor Monitor Circuit is an essential electronic circuit that can be used in various applications that require the accurate detection and measurement of infrared radiation/signals. This circuit is easy to use and can be customized to meet a wide range of requirements. With the use of IR sensors, this circuit offers high accuracy and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for complex and automated systems. Overall, the IR Sensor Monitor Circuit is a smart investment for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their systems’ capabilities.

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IR Sensor Monitor Circuit Diagram
IR Sensor Monitor Circuit Diagram
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