12V-220V Inverter DIY Homemade


If you’re looking to create your own inverter to power your household appliances, a 12-volt to 220-volt DIY homemade inverter might be just what you need. With this type of inverter, you can convert DC power from a battery into AC power for use with appliances that require 220 volts. Building an inverter requires some basic knowledge of electronics and soldering, but there are many guides available online that can help you through the process.

Be sure to choose quality components and carefully follow the instructions to ensure safety and optimal performance. This is a great way to save money, as commercial inverters can be expensive, but keep in mind that building your own carries risks, so do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if you are uncertain about any aspect of the project.

In this video I made a 12vdc to 220vac inverter using very simple method and basic components. I tried to make this Inverter as easy as it can be you can use this inverter for different power ac loads such as power ac lamp or cell phone charger, cell phone charger, small ac fans etc.

12 V to 220 V inverter Thumbnail

Circuit Diagram & Layout

of 12V-220V Inverter DIY Homemade

Following are the circuit diagram and layout for the said project which will help you to build this easy to make project.

12 V to 220 V inverter circuit diy homemade
12v to 220v Inverter Circuit Layout

More Circuit Layouts

12v to 220v inverter Circuit Diagram diy homemade
12v to 220v Inverter Circuit Diagram

Working Explanation

of 12V-220V Inverter DIY Homemade

Note: output power depends upon size of transformer and current of mosfet in my case i used 9V 1Amp transformer and output power is about 5 Watts you can use high ampere transformer in order to achieve more power it is better to use bigger heat sink with mosfet .

Components List

  • 1- 1x 555 TIMER IC
  • 2- 1x IRFP3205 MOSFET
  • 3- 1X HEAT SINK
  • 4- 1X 1000UF 35V CAPACITOR
  • 7- 1x 1K RESISTOR
  • 8- 1X 470 OHM RESISTORS
  • 9- 3X 10K RESISTORS
  • 10- 1x 2.2 K RESISTORS
  • 11- 1X C945 TRANSISTOR

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