How To Make LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects


LED chasers are common in lighting and decoration projects. An LED chaser is a circuit that turns different sets of LED lights on and off systematically, creating a pattern of moving light. It is an essential tool in adding charm and aesthetics to objects such as signs, displays, and even Christmas trees. This article will provide an in-depth guide on how to make an LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects using ATTINY85 and 74HC595 IC. This project is perfect for individuals who seek a basic knowledge of electronic circuits and programming.

How To Make LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects
LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects

Circuit Diagram

of LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects

This amplifier can be designed using a few basic components. The circuit diagram of this project is shown below.

How To Make LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects Circuit Diagram
LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects Circuit Diagram

More Circuit Layouts

Components List

of LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects

Following is the list of all components used in this project:

1x 74HC595 IC
8X 100 Ohm Resistors
1X 10K Resistors
1x Push Button
1x 2 Pin Terminal Blocks
Arduino UNO:
Remote Control

Project Coes ZIP File

Explanation of LED Chaser 8-Channel Multi-Effects

The first step in creating an 8-channel LED chaser is to wire the circuit. To do this, begin by inserting ATTINY85 microcontroller along with the 74HC595 shift register IC onto the breadboard or the PCB. Following this, connect the VCC and GND pins of both components with the battery and GND, respectively. Then connect all components as listed above, according to the circuit diagram provided above.

Connect the LED’s in a parallel configuration, starting from Q0 to Q7. Remember to connect each LED with a 100Ω resistor to prevent them from burning out.

The final step is programming the ATTINY85 microcontroller, which will run the effects and patterns on the LED chaser. There are several codes available online that can be used for this project. We have already provded the link of our code in the Components List section, which we used in this project.


An ATTINY85 microcontroller and 74HC595 shift register IC make an ideal combination for creating an 8-channel LED chaser. From thereon, the sky is the limit regarding the effects and patterns that can be created. The steps provided are simple and straightforward making it an ideal project for beginners in electronics and programming. Enjoy creating stunning LED displays with an 8-channel multi-effects LED chaser.

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