Rechargeable LED Light DIY Homemade

Here I will show you how to make a powerful Rechargeable LED Light DIY. This is a very cheap LED light & can easily be made at home. You don’t need any special skills to assemble it. You can use it in different places at home and outdoor. The basic components are easily available in the electronics market. We used very common components in this project. You can easily find them from scrap boards or elsewhere. You can use 3.7v lithium battery, if the same type of battery is not available.

Rechargeable LED Light DIY Homemade
Rechargeable LED Light DIY Homemade

Circuit diagram

used in rechargeable led light diy

Here is the circuit diagram which I used in this project.

Rechargeable LED Light DIY circuit diagram

More Circuit Layouts

List of components

  • 4 Volts Battery
  • On/Off Switch
  • Recharging Socket for Nokia (small pin)
  • LED Plate
  • 1N4007 Diode
  • 1k Resister (Reduce value for more brighter)
  • LED Light (Charging Indicator)

Development image

used in rechargeable led light diy

Basic components:

This image shows two main components of the project. Left hand side is a LED plate where several LEDs are connected in parallel. Right hand side is a 4 volts battery image. If LED plate is not available, you can design your own LED panel on vero board by joing several LEDs in parallel. Just connect all LED’s positive to positive and negative to negative and that’s all.

Rechargeable LED Light DIY 01

Below image shows 5 components. A on/off switch of 12v, Red colored LED for indicating charging light. A charging socket, where we can charge the battery with any Nokia mobile charger. One piece of 1000 ohms/1k resister which will be used with charging LED. One 1N4007 diode which will prevent battery voltage to return to mobile charger. Here you can add charge protection board to prevent over charging. There is an article here where I showed how to get free charge protection board. If you want to visit the post, just click the link above.

Rechargeable LED Light DIY 02

Installation & soldering:

Stick on/off switch and charging socket at top of the battery with supper glue, as shown in the following image.

Rechargeable LED Light DIY 03

Connect LEDs positive directly to the battery and LEDs negative to on/off switch with connection wires. You can swap the polarity of LED plate. Positive in place of negative and negative in place of positive.

Rechargeable LED Light DIY 04

Now take 1N4007 diode and solder its positive side to battery positive pole.

LED Light DIY 6

Now solder negative point of 1N4007 diode to the positive point of charging socket. Take 1k resister and solder its one side to the same positive point of charging where we soldered the diode.

Rechargeable LED Light DIY 05

Now solder the negative side of red LED to the negative point of battery. And continuous join with negative point of charging socket and the switch as well.

LED Light DIY 7

Now connect both remaining ends of red LED and 1k resister together and solder it. Likewise we have completed the circuit and it is ready to use.

LED Light DIY 8

Testing finished product:

Cover it with the cap provided with the battery to protect the components, if any.

LED Light DIY 9

Here is the Nokia 5v mobile charger, whose charging socket is used in the project. You can use any kind of small charging socket with the related 5v charger.

LED Light DIY 10

The red LED glows when I insert the charging pin into the charging socket. Now its charging the battery. I did not use any charge protection board in this project to avoid over charge. You must used protection circuit/board for safety. I have made a project, how to get free charge protection board. That board could be used here with this battery as well.

LED Light DIY 11

Here is the finished product. The light is very powerful and will fulfill your basic requirement in emergency.

LED Light DIY 12

Hope you enjoyed the project. Please share this post among your friends. Thank you.

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