DIY Homemade Door Alarm – Electronic Project

Learn how to make your own a very simple diy homemade door alarm Alarm. It uses CPU battery holder/jacket with its cell, a 5 volts buzzer & 2 pieces of gem clips. This device is designed by me which is stand alone. This can be placed on doors or windows to alert someone, if they have been opened.

Basic components:

Take one piece of 5v buzzer which has two connections. And take one CPU battery compartment. It also has positive & negative connections. These two components are easily available from an old & obsolete CPU mother board.

diy homemade door alarm 01

More Circuit Layouts

Development images

used in DIY homemade door alarm

Joining components:

Stick both CPU battery compartment and 5 volts buzzer each other with supper glue as shown in the below image.

diy homemade door alarm 02

Turn the two negative pins of both components together and solder them. This way will provide negative voltage of the cell to buzzer directly.

diy homemade door alarm 03

Now take two gem clips/paper clips and straighten their legs as shown in the following image. These two pins will act as switch.

diy homemade door alarm 04

Soldering components:

Solder one pin to the positive pin of the battery compartment. Please insulate the pin properly to avoid short circuit with the negative connection beside it.

diy homemade door alarm 05

Also solder the other pin with the positive pin of the buzzer and insulate properly. Both the pins should not touch each other. Stick them properly with super glue. If you want to use pvc tape to wrap around the pins that will be much better.

diy homemade door alarm 06

After soldering both pins, it will look like the following image from the top

door alarm 07

Now turn one of them upward with 90 degree angle. If you stick it with buzzer after turning upward, will be great.

door alarm 08

Also turn the second pin upward with 90 degree after one inch distance.

door alarm 09

Turn the same second pin (shown in above image) to left 90 degree and cut after half inch to reduce extra length.

door alarm 10

Now turn the first pin forward 90 degree. This time the first pin after turning, should touch with the second pin. At this stage the buzzer will active with sound. You can put a small piece of paper in between the touch point of these two pins.

door alarm 11

Turn the same first downward 90 degree.

door alarm 12

Finally the device will look like the following image.

door alarm 13

Cur the extra length of the first pin which is going downward. It must be little bit larger than the bottom surface of the device. So that when you fix it wilh the door, it should go upward a little bit and should disconnect the connection when the door is closed.

door alarm 14

Testing the project:

Fix the device with the door as shown in the below image.

door alarm 15

In the following image it shows that the door is closed. And the connection is disconnected. Because the pin is little bit larger than the bottom surface of the device. When the door will open, it will go downward with its tension. And this way it will be touched with the other pin and will alow buzzer to activate alarming.

door alarm 16

I hope you will enjoy the project. Thanks for visiting the site and please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you.

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