USB Bladeless Fan DIY Homemade

Learn how to make a very simple usb bladeless fan diy at home. Also known as “Dyson Fan”. The project uses a DC motor from a scrap CD player and waste formica sheet. You can easily make this bladeless fan at home. The most fascinating feature about this device is that it doesn’t have any […]

DIY D718 D882 amplifier homemade DIY

In this video i am showing, how to make a dual transistors diy d718 d882 amplifier. The circuit uses minimum components to be built easily by beginners. The volume control (potentiometer) very well work in its full range. The transistor heats up on 12 volts power supply. You must use a large and heavy heat […]

Stereo bass treble homemade diy

In this video i am showing, how to make extreme powerful heavy stereo bass treble volume and balance controllers homemade for DIY amplifiers. Circuit diagram Development images of stereo bass treble homemade Take 3 nos of 50k double pots for volume, bass & treble and one 100k single pot for balance and stick them on […]

DIY bass treble volume homemade

DIY Bass Treble Volume Homemade Thumbnail

In the following tutorial, I am showing how to make homemade extremely powerful heavy DIY bass treble volume controllers for DIY amplifiers. This is a general purpose tone control which will work with maximum power amplifiers to control low pass and high frequencies. This tone control is designed with minimum components. All the components are […]

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