Perpetual Motion Machine Free Energy

This machine is called a Perpetual Motion Machine. The machine is not yet constructed physically. If any body who wants to construct it, please do some basic experiments according to physics laws. Please try at your own risk. I myself designed/invented this machine several years ago. My name is Abdul Malik and I am from […]

Convert CFL Amplifier DIY Homemade

Simple clear sound cfl dual 13003 amplifier - How to make powerful amplifier from old cfl diy homemade

In this video i am showing, how to convert a CFL bulb into a powerful rechargeable audio amplifier DIY using two 13003 transistors. The main observing feature is, that I used all available components of CFL without removing them at all with few changes in the circuit.I used some external parts which are optional. These […]

Battery Bank Mobile Charger 7000 mAh DIY

How to convert a 7.0 Ah battery into a powerful battery bank mobile charger with six USB ports. Battery charging process is not shown here. You will have to make arrangement separately. This mobile charging device can re-charge six mobiles at a time with maximum amperage required. You should always be safe and do it at your own risk.

USB Bladeless Fan DIY Homemade

USB Bladeless Fan DIY Homemade

Learn how to make a very simple usb bladeless fan diy at home. Also known as “Dyson Fan”. The project uses a DC motor from a scrap CD player and waste formica sheet. You can easily make this bladeless fan at home. The most fascinating feature about this device is that it doesn’t have any […]

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