USB Bladeless Fan DIY Homemade

Learn how to make a very simple usb bladeless fan diy at home. Also known as “Dyson Fan”. The project uses a DC motor from a scrap CD player and waste formica sheet. You can easily make this bladeless fan at home. The most fascinating feature about this device is that it doesn’t have any visible propellers. But gives wonderful and uniform air flow. This type of fan sometimes called as an air multiplier.

It has small blades hidden in its base attached with a DC motor. It is also known as Dyson fan. The air is drawn in by a fan in the base. And then directed up into a ring. It comes out of a gap around the ring and passes over. During that time it also pulls air and thus does air multiplication.

USB Bladeless Fan DIY Homemade
USB Bladeless Fan DIY Homemade


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Building box:

I used scrap piece of Formica sheet and cut it by 17.5 cm x 9.7 cm as per the sketch in the following image. There is a difference of 1 cm between the two circles one another. Means the hole of rear part is smaller than the upper part. So it will create a gap where the air will come from. You can increase the gap as per your requirement, depends upon the DC motor and its blades size and power. More powerful blow of air needs more space to come out.

usb bladeless fan diy image1

Cut a large strip of 3 cm wide or more and wrap around the shape and glue it to make a wall.

usb bladeless fan diy image2

Repeat the process with the same strip and wrap around the inner hole. Remember the width of the strips used in circles of both sides, will be 1.5 cm. Means they must be smaller than the outer wall.

usb bladeless fan diy image3

After wraping the inner hole with 1.5 cm wide strip, the piece will look like the below image.

usb bladeless fan diy image4

After wraping around the shape with 2 cm wide strip, it will look like the following image.

usb bladeless fan diy image5

This is the finished shape after completion. I spray white paint for better look.

usb bladeless fan diy image6

Arranging DC motor:

Arrange a small DC motor. I removed one from an old scrap CD player. We will use the DC motor with its pulley.

usb bladeless fan diy image7

Building & fixing fan:

Take one piece of any cold drink bottle cap and make hole in the center. Mark 6 lines around the cap equally on the upper surface. Then glue dc motor’s top pulley and stick it with the cap using hot glue or super glue. Hold DC motor with fingers tightly and try to rotate the cap, it should rotate well.

bladeless fan 08

Take any hard plastic sheet and cut 6 small pieces for blades as show in the below image.

bladeless fan 09

Glue and stick all 6 pieces of plastic hard sheet around the sides over the cap with equal distance as shown.

bladeless fan 10

Now stick the DC motor base with glue in the place shown below. Notice that I fixed one small piece of 2 cm wide strip around the circle but its one side is attached with the right side wall. And the other side of strip is 1.5 inch away from the left side wall. It means I left space of 1.5 inch at left side to allow air flow from fan to inside. In later image you can see it clearly.

bladeless fan 11

Making connections:

Take any used usb cable and cut from the socket side. There will be 4 wires. Keep the Red & Black and cut the rest.

bladeless fan 12

Now solder the black usb wires with black dc motor wire. The 2 red wires will be remain there.

bladeless fan 13

Connect the remain 2 red wires with on/off switch.

bladeless fan 14

Testing project:

Now plug-in the usb to the battery bank or pc and enjoy the project with fresh air.

bladeless fan 15

Thanks for visiting the site. Hope you enjoyed the project. Please share it with your friends.

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