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Universal Power Supply Circuit Diagram DIY

Universal Power Supply Circuit Diagram

This universal power supply circuit diagram has two output ranges; one from 2.7 V to 12 V, and the other from 10 V to 24 V. The output is short circuit protected. Current limiting is adjustable. These two features are mainly incorporated for preventing accidental damages to the power supply as well as circuits that get power from this supply.

How To Make Variable Power Supply Dual Voltage

How To Make Variable Bench Dual Power Supply 0-60V 3A

By following these steps, it is easy to make a high-quality variable power supply dual voltage using an LM317 regulator and a 2SD1047 transistor. By adjusting the output voltage and current, you can use this power supply for a wide range of electronics projects. With its simple design and reliable components, you can count on this power supply for years of use.

How to Make DIY Variable Power Supply

How to Make DIY Variable Power Supply

Constructing a DIY variable power supply using LM317 is an excellent way to customize your voltage supply as per your specific needs. The above guide suggests a simple yet effective way of building a variable power supply. Using an LM317 regulator and other readily available materials, one can achieve this task with ease.

Solar Power Loss Protection Circuit Diagram

Solar Power Loss Protection Circuit Diagram

The combination of OP295 IC and SUB75N MOSFET provides an efficient and reliable solution for solar power loss protection. The OP295 can accurately measure the solar panel voltage and detect any drop in voltage caused by partial shading. The SUB75N then switches the output current of the solar panel to bypass the shaded area and restore power output to its full capacity. With this solution, solar panels can operate efficiently, generate uninterrupted power

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