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MOSFET Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram using IRF530 & IRF9530

MOSFET Amplifier Circuit using IRF530 & IRF9530

In this article, we will discuss a 50W MOSFET amplifier circuit diagram that utilizes IRF530 and IRF9530 MOSFETs in the output section, BD139 and BD140 transistors in the driver section, and BC560C transistors in the preamplifier section. This circuit promises to deliver a powerful and clean audio output, making it an excellent choice for various audio applications.

Tone Control Bass Treble DIY Homemade

Here I made a tone control circuit with just two 104pf capacitors and two resistors. Well, it’s actually totally doable! The basic idea is to create something called an RC filter that will help adjust the high-frequency response of your audio output. By placing a capacitor in parallel with one resistor and another capacitor in series with the second resistor, you can create two distinct stages of filtering that allow for a change in tonality when adjusted.