CFL bulb repair at home – tube replacement

In this video we show step by step detail to repair a CFL Bulb and is a great demonstration experiment. We will learn how to open and replace the CFL tube of the bulb in a very simple and easy way at the minimal expenses. I hope you can easily repair this Lamp at home without any problems after watching this video.

CFL Bulb Repair - How to Repair CFL Bulb at Home - DIY Dead CFL Lamp Light Repair - NEW & SIMPLE
How to Repair CFL Bulb at Home

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Development images

used in CFL bulb repair

Following image shows several CFL bulb for demonstration. All of them are not in working condition. Now how will we decide that which of these tubes as faulty.

CFL Bulb repair01

Upon turning on, the bulb is not glowing then first to look at the bottom of the tube. If it is black in bottom side of tube that clearly means that the tube has gone and needs to be replaced. If the tube in bottom is not black then the fault is in the circuit board. There might be some components are burnt. Most probably the resisters and transistors burns.

CFL Bulb repair02

Removing the tube:

Now try to open the compartment from its joint with any sharp flat screw driver or something else. I opened it with a screw driver.

CFL Bulb repair03

There are small locks around the upper compartment which grips the lower compartment. Now gently pull up the upper part and separate it.

CFL Bulb repair04

After removing the upper part of the compartment, you will see two pins wound with copper wires which are coming from the tube. There will be total four pins, two pins each side of the component board.

CFL Bulb repair05

Separate those all four copper wires from the pins and turn outside.

CFL Bulb repair06

After removing them, the upper compartment will be separated along with the tube. as shown in the following image.

CFL Bulb repair07

The tube is originally stuck with hard glue. Scratch gently with any sharp edged flat screw driver and separate the tube from the cover.

CFL Bulb 09

Here I have completely scratched the entire glue and clean the area around it as shown in the below image.

CFL Bulb 10

Fixing new tube:

This is a new tube purchased from electrical shop as a separate part.

ICFL Bulb 11

Insert both ends of the new tube into the holes of the cap and stick electrical tape behind it to hold it. I used red colored electrical tape behind to hold it.

CFL Bulb 12

Now take a little quantity of hard and put around the tube and let it dry. I used Plaster of Paris (calcium sulfate hemihydrate). Dehydrated gypsum, used for holding broken bones in place and making sculptures and casts.

CFL Bulb 13

Now place back the circuit board as it was before and leave the four wires of new tube outside.

CFL Bulb repair 14

Now re-wind all four wire of the tube with the pins by twisting them with nose-plier gently.

CFL Bulb repair 16

Closing the compartment:

Here I have already re-winded them with the pins as shown in the following image.

CFL Bulb repair 17

Close the compartment gently as it was before.

CFL Bulb 18

The CFL tube replacement process is now complete and its ready to use.

CFL Bulb repair 19

Following image shows the repaired lamp in action. Like this way you can easily replace the tube at home and can re-use the lamp for further.

CFL Bulb 20

Thanks for visiting the post and I hope you enjoyed the project. Please share it with your friends. Thank you.

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