6-channel Running Light Circuit Diagram


A 6-channel running light circuit is a handy little device that can be used to create a variety of blinking LED lighting effects. It consists of two ICs (TLC555 & 4017), a resistor, a capacitor, and some other components including several LEDs. With its multiple output channels, you can use it to create endless combinations and patterns of flashing LEDs on whatever project you’re working on.

The circuit design draws very low current so it can be powered by batteries or other sources, making it perfect for applications like models, costumes, or decorations where portability is required. It’s an incredibly versatile tool for those looking to bring their projects to life with sweet blinking animations!

Circuit Diagram

of 6-channel running light Circuit

6-channel running light Circuit Diagram
6-channel running light Circuit Diagram

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Working Explanation

of 6-channel running light Circuit

The running light accommodates two ICs (integrated circuits), seven LEDs (light-emitting diodes), a resistor, and a capacitor. Decade scaler ic2 ensures that the LEDs mild sequentially. The rate at which this takes place is determined by using the clock at pin 14.

The clock is generated by IC1, which is arranged as an astable multivibrator (AMV). Its frequency is determined by R1-C1.

The two small metal disks used as a touch switch are optional. When switch S1‚ is in position 'off', the circuit may be actuated by the touch switch. By means of the way, this permits the circuit for used as an electronic die (in which case the LEDs should be numbered from 1 to 6).

The running light is powered by a 9 V battery or mains adaptor and draws a current not exceeding 20 mA.

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The 6-channel running light circuit diagram is a great way to build a flashy and eye-catching lighting system. The diagram includes all the necessary components you need, such as chipsets, resistors, LEDs, and capacitors. With six channels of LEDs in different colors that can run your own custom light show with plenty of options for dimming or blinking built into the design. It’s easy to understand and replicate, making it a great choice for anyone looking to create something fun and unique in their space.

6-channel running light Circuit Diagram
6-channel running light Circuit Diagram
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