200W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram using STK4050


Amplifying audio signals is a crucial aspect of sound reproduction, whether it’s for home entertainment systems or large public address setups. One highly effective and popular integrated circuit (IC) for such applications is the STK4050. This article explores the workings of the 200W Power Amplifier Circuit using the STK4050 IC, exploring its specifications and highlighting the keywords associated with this technology.

Specifications of the STK4050 IC

The STK4050 is a hybrid power amplifier IC that combines the benefits of a power amplifier with the convenience of integrated circuitry. It’s specifically designed for high-power audio applications, making it an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. The key specifications of the STK4050 IC include:

Maximum Power Output: The IC is capable of delivering an impressive 200W of power output, ensuring clear and loud audio reproduction.
Low Distortion: The STK4050 boasts low levels of distortion, which is essential for maintaining the audio quality and fidelity of the amplified signal.
Wide Frequency Response: With a broad frequency response range, the IC can faithfully reproduce both high and low-frequency audio content.
High Efficiency: The STK4050 is designed to operate efficiently, minimizing power wastage while delivering substantial output power.
Protection Circuitry: Built-in protection features such as overcurrent and thermal shutdown safeguard the IC from damage due to unforeseen circumstances.
Hybrid Design: Combining the advantages of both integrated circuits and discrete components, the STK4050 offers a balanced blend of performance and reliability.

200W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram using STK4050

This project can be designed using a few basic components. The circuit diagram of this project is shown below. More stk amplifier circuit diagram will be coming soon.

200W Power Amplifier Circuit using STK4050
200W Power Amplifier Circuit using STK4050

Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Power Supply of 200W STK4050 Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
Power Supply of 500W Audio Power Amplifier

200W Amplifier Schematic Diagram

STK4050 IC Dimensions

STK4050 IC Dimensions
STK4050 200W Amplifier IC Dimensions

More Circuit Layouts

Components List of 200W Power Amplifier Circuit

Following is the list of all components used in this project:

  • STK4050 Mono Amplifier IC x 1
  • 100uF Capacitor x 3
  • 1uF Capacitor x 1
  • 102J Capacitor x 2
  • 471J Capacitor x 1
  • 104J Capacitor x 1
  • 0.22 ohm Resister x 4
  • 4.7 ohm Resister x 1
  • 100 ohm Resister x 2
  • 47k Resister x 2
  • 1k Resister x 2
  • 10k Resister x 3
  • 3uH Coil x 1

Following this Link of schematic for 3uH Coil and 4.7k resister in parallel in the output to the speaker.

STK4050 Specification
STK4050 Specification

Working Explanation of 200W Power Amplifier Circuit

The 200W Power Amplifier Circuit utilizing the STK4050 IC is an exceptional example of audio amplification technology. This circuit capitalizes on the capabilities of the STK4050 to deliver high-quality audio output suitable for various applications, from home theater systems to professional sound setups. The circuit diagram consists of key components such as resistors, capacitors, and the STK4050 IC itself, strategically interconnected to ensure optimal signal amplification.

Circuit Components and Working

The circuit begins with an input stage where the audio signal is fed into the STK4050 IC. This signal is then amplified and passed through various stages, each contributing to the overall amplification process. The IC operates in a bridge-tied load (BTL) configuration, enhancing power efficiency and output capability. The output stage delivers the amplified audio signal to the connected load, such as speakers or other audio devices.

The STK4050’s hybrid design plays a significant role in achieving the circuit’s performance. The integrated nature of the IC streamlines the circuit layout, reducing complexities and making it more accessible for enthusiasts to build and professionals to integrate into larger systems.


In the realm of audio amplification, the 200W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram using the STK4050 stands out as a testament to effective engineering and sophisticated design. The STK4050’s impressive specifications, including its maximum power output, low distortion, and comprehensive protection circuitry, make it an excellent choice for high-power audio amplification needs. By leveraging its hybrid design, the circuit delivers a powerful and clear audio output while maintaining efficiency.

Whether you’re an audiophile seeking exceptional sound quality or a professional in the audio industry requiring a reliable amplification solution, the 200W Power Amplifier Circuit using the STK4050 IC offers a compelling option. Its ability to handle high power levels, coupled with its protective features, ensures a consistent and satisfying audio experience.

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200W Power Amplifier Circuit using STK4050
200W Power Amplifier Circuit using STK4050
200W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram using STK4050
200W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram using STK4050

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