200W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK4050


An audio amplifier is an essential component for any audio system, as it is responsible for amplifying the audio signal and delivering it to the speakers with enhanced power and clarity. When it comes to high power audio amplification, the STK4050 IC proves to be an outstanding choice. This article will explore the features and specifications of the STK4050 IC and present a 200W audio amplifier circuit utilizing this integrated circuit.

STK4050 IC Specifications:

The STK4050 is a hybrid integrated circuit developed by Sanyo Semiconductors. It is specifically designed for high power audio amplification and offers a range of impressive specifications. Here are the key specifications of the STK4050 IC:

  1. Power Output: The STK4050 can deliver a maximum power output of 200 watts per channel, making it ideal for applications that require a high power audio amplifier.
  2. Low Distortion: This IC is known for its low distortion characteristics, allowing for a clear and accurate audio reproduction, even at high power levels.
  3. Wide Frequency Response: The STK4050 offers a wide frequency response range, typically from 20Hz to 50kHz, ensuring faithful audio reproduction across the audible spectrum.
  4. Thermal Overload Protection: It is equipped with built-in thermal overload protection, which prevents the IC from getting damaged due to excessive heat. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the amplifier circuit.

200W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram using STK4050

This audio amplifier circuit can be built using a few basic components with the main STK4050 IC. The circuit diagram of this audio amplifier circuit project is shown below.

200W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram using STK4050
200W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram using STK4050

50V Power Supply Circuit Diagram

50V Power Supply Circuit Diagram
50V Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Circuit Layout

STK4050 Specification
STK4050 Specification

More Circuit Layouts

STK4050 IC Dimensions

STK4050 200W Amplifier IC Dimensions
STK4050 200W IC Dimensions

Components List of 200W Audio Amplifier Circuit

Following is the list of all components used in this project:

  • STK4050 IC x 1
  • 0.22 ohms 5 watts Resister x 4
  • 1k Resister x 2
  • 4.7k Resister x 2
  • 56k Resister x 2
  • 100 ohms Resister x 2
  • 560 ohms Resister x 1
  • 10k Resister x 1
  • 4.7uF Capacitor x 1
  • 100uF Capacitor x 2
  • 470pF Capacitor x 1
  • 100pF Capacitor x 1
  • 1000pF Capacitor x 2
  • 10uF Capacitor x 1
  • 1uF Capacitor x 1
  • 0.1uF Capacitor x 1
  • 3uH Coil x 1
  • Power Supply +/- 24V to 63V 3A Dual Supply

Explanation of 200W Audio Amplifier Circuit

Now, let’s discuss a 200W audio amplifier circuit that utilizes the STK4050 IC. This circuit can effectively drive high-power speakers, making it suitable for professional audio applications or home theater systems.

The circuit primarily consists of the STK4050 IC, a power supply, input and output capacitors, and a few resistors. It is designed to operate on a dual power supply configuration, with a nominal voltage of ±55V to ±70V DC.

The input signal is first coupled to the STK4050 IC through a coupling capacitor, which blocks any DC component from the input signal. This prevents any potential damage to the speaker and the IC. The IC then amplifies the signal using its internal circuitry and delivers the amplified output signal to the speaker.

Additionally, the STK4050 IC incorporates various protection mechanisms, such as overcurrent protection and thermal overload protection, which safeguard the circuit from potential damage or malfunctions.


The STK4050 IC is a powerful and reliable choice for high power audio amplification. Its impressive specifications, including a 200W power output, low distortion, and wide frequency response, make it suitable for a variety of audio applications. By utilizing the STK4050 IC in a well-designed amplifier circuit, you can achieve exceptional audio quality and enjoy a powerful audio experience.

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 STK4050 Amplifier Circuit Diagram 200W
STK4050 Amplifier Circuit Diagram 200W
STK4050 Power Amplifier Layout 200W
200W Power Amplifier Circuit using STK4050

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